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How to identify and influence habit-forming product moments

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How Segment and Mixpanel find ‘aha’ and ‘habit’ moments in their data

As a product leader, you are not only tasked with shipping products that provide value to your user, but also helping them to see that value. The speed at which your user achieves those ‘aha’ moments is usually the difference between a user that grows with you or one that churns. However, without the right data, getting users down this path can seem elusive.

Together, Mixpanel and Segment make it easier for you to combine and explore your first-party customer data, so you can better understand and support your users to help them get value out of your product faster. In this webinar, Alex Bensick of Mixpanel and Stephanie Evans of Segment will explain how to identify, define, and activate successful users.

The Hosts

Alex Bensick - Senior Sales Engineer, Mixpanel
Alex works with some of Mixpanel's largest customers to help scope and execute Mixpanel deployments across their organizations.  Previously, he was a member of Mixpanel's early support team, worked as a consultant helping Fortune 500 companies modernize their tech stack..
Stephanie Evans - Product Manager, Segment
Stephanie is a Product Lead for our Growth group at Segment. She joined Segment in September 2015 on the Partnerships team and transitioned into Product in January of 2017. She’s worked on a variety of high-impact projects, but recently has been focused on the core customer experience and growing our self-service business.

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  • How Segment and Mixpanel find ‘aha’ and ‘habit’ moments in their data

  • How to perform behavioral analysis to uncover high-intent user actions

  • How data can help you make a smooth hand-off from acquisition to retention

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