The Rise of User Analytics

Learn how a focus on the user will help you increase customer lifetime value and differentiate from competitors in this report by and Mixpanel.

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User analytics: your competitive advantage

We partnered with to examine how the user analytics trend benefits businesses and what the universe of tools looks like.

  • What's the ideal split between technical and non-technical members on a product team?

  • Learn how a focus on the user's journey adds depth to metrics like website traffic and in-product behavior

  • Discover how to unify data across products, platforms, and devices

  • Understand the competitive landscape

Excerpt from report

To make sense of this growing mass of digital breadcrumbs, savvy businesses are refining their analytics strategies to focus on the user. User analytics offers a more comprehensive look at the experience of each individual user of a product — from marketing interactions all the way to usage in a product that leads to retention over time.