Mixpanel for Nonprofits

Great pursuits should be
backed by great technology

Helping others begins with deeply understanding their needs. With access to Mixpanel's full set of features, you can learn more about those you’re serving, and then use that knowledge to focus your energy on areas with the biggest potential impact.

Apply for the Mixpanel Nonprofit plan

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Benefits of the plan

Unlock donor growth

Answer complex questions about constituents and donors in seconds. Quickly and easily see what they’re doing, where they’re falling off, and how you can get them to come back more often.

Make data central to decision making

Give every team across your organization the ability to easily access and understand data, so they can use it to make more informed decisions–and do more good.

Allocate funds wisely

Deeply understand what drives constituents and donor behavior so you can serve them better. Confidently take action on what you learn through Mixpanel or tools you already have in place.

Qualifying nonprofits will be able to access Mixpanel's full set of features at a significant discount.

The plan includes:
  • 10,000 monthly tracked users (MTUs) for free, plus 80% off of list price on additional tracked users for one year.
  • Access to a support engineer, and, depending on qualifications, access to a customer success manager.
Who qualifies for the Mixpanel Nonprofit plan?
  • 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Private nonprofit higher education institutions
  • Public higher education institutions
  • K-12 public education institutions
  • Charter schools
  • Private nonprofit schools

More details about Mixpanel for Nonprofits

What if we have more than 10,000 MTUs?
  • Those who have more than 10,000 MTUs will receive an 80% discount on additional volume, up to 1 million MTUs.
  • We know things aren’t always this cut and dry. If you don’t perfectly match the definition we have here, reach out anyway. We’ll evaluate each request individually.
What happens after a year?
  • If your company still qualifies for Mixpanel for Nonprofits, you’ll still be able to receive our full suite of Mixpanel Enterprise features at a discounted rate.
What if I'm already a Mixpanel customer?
Any other questions?
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