The 2017 Product Benchmarks Report

Dig into Mixpanel's 2017 Product Benchmarks Report with the people who created it. The team will share how they found key insights and stories of real customers using these insights to build better products. 

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Leverage benchmark KPIs for your business

The most common question we hear from product teams is: "How do we compare to the competition?" For core product KPIs like retention and engagement, Mixpanel decided to find out. We analyzed aggregated data from 1.3 billion unique users performing 50 billion events around the globe across four major industries. 

Now the question is: "How do we use these benchmarks to create better products for our customers and beat the competition?"

In this webinar, Hubert Lin, senior product manager, and Cassie Gamm, data science, will share key insights from the report and stories from Mixpanel customers about using these KPIs to drive better business results.

The Speakers

Hubert Lin - Product Management, Mixpanel

Hubert has a MBA from Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a degree in Computer Engineering from Columbia University. He is an experienced product manager who looks after Mixpanel’s core analytics and platform products. Prior to Mixpanel, Hubert worked at GetInsured, a healthcare marketplace provider, and built web and mobile games at Zynga. 
Cassie Gamm - Data Science, Mixpanel

Cassandra Gamm is Mixpanel's physicist-turned-data scientist. Working closely with Mixpanel customers from all industries for over three years, she has developed a strong understanding of what success looks like in the product analytics space. Cassie's research and customer data analysis laid the foundation for a company-wide effort to better understand Mixpanel's own metrics. If there's a cross-functional meeting going on at Mixpanel HQ, chances are Cassie will be there bridging the gap between business goals and customer souls.

Dont miss out on learning:

  • How to determine the right metrics for your product

  • What defines the gold standard for product health

  • Stories from Mixpanel customers about how they move their metrics forward

  • How you can apply the findings to your own products

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